Technical Services

Cognitu's technical team are here to help you build effective web2print systems. From the simplest template to scoping an enterprise wide opportunity. We apply a methodological and consistent approach. We ensure that nothing is missed in the planning stage and the results exceed your expectations.

Template and Catalogue Creation

Although any printer can become self sufficient through extensive training, the process of creating templates is a highly specialised activity. Our team of implementors have over 40 years of combined experience in VDP, knowing every aspect of the system in depth. By taking advantage of our fully managed service you can rest assured that everything from customer requirements assessment to rollout and handover is dealt with meticulously.

System Customisation

Cognitu’s web2print system is highly flexible, containing extensive features and functionality to support a wide variety of business and infrastructure needs. However certain scenarios will require bespoke developments to cater for the customer’s requirements. Cognitu’s in-house development team can take your requirements from concept to completion, ensuring that your new functionality is not only rock solid but future proof.

Workflow Integration

Our customers have a wide array of workflow systems and offline databases. To be a truly effective business, it is ideal for each system to talk to the next. Cognitu’s web2print platform can be integrated with any MIS system or workflow.