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Many of our customers have already setup web2print systems for themselves or their clients, often with mixed results.

Our research has shown a great many solutions are out there, often promising the earth in terms of features, scalability and the benefits they will bring to your business. However, the reality is that the vast majority do not deliver against expectations, some have very limited features, some lack interactivity and many are without a proper order management workflow to govern production processes.

Companies have often invested in these services without success. Sometimes with disastrous results, lost customers and revenue.

Cognitu has helped 100s of companies to move away from underperforming systems to adopt Cognitu’s web2print approach. There are inevitably costs involved in this process, but our technical team will ensure that the project is firstly carefully planned and understood, and secondly provided to an exact and agreed budget.

We adhere to a simple framework to make sure the switch to Cognitu is managed and executed correctly.

  1. Identifying the systems, templates and data to be migrated.
  2. Determining the timing and critical path of data migration.
  3. Agree timings, costs and implementation plan for migration.
  4. Generating the new systems, templates and data.
  5. Test new systems against implementation plan.
  6. Support customer in switching live processes to new system.

If you are considering changing your web2print services, please contact Cognitu for a no-obligation consultation.

If you feel your web2print provider is not measuring up, talk to Cognitu to see what our web2print services can do for your business.