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Key Benefits for Prepress & Production

Handling orders with Cognitu is designed to give you the best balance of efficiency and flexibility. Web2print systems often lack the tools to help you control your production and ensure orders are produced as efficiently as possible.

Our tools are designed to manage artwork for any press with unmatched agility and control. As a key component of Cognitu, our workflow offers an array of productivity enhancements that reduce the time, waste and steps between fulfilling customer requirements and boosting your bottom line.

From the point of ordering right through to the finished printed output, Cognitu gives you total efficiency and control.

Multiple queues can be created to separate types of work for different production teams, devices or geographic locations. Therefore providing you with an ultra-efficient strategy for controlling and synchronising all printers and presses with a single, unified system manager.

Job queues will automatically group orders with similar characteristics, ensuring that the batching process is intuitive and streamlined. This allows you to sort files by device, size, stock, quantity and sheet size, to name but a few.

Cognitu’s intelligent real-time batching wizard ensures you minimise any waste and optimise each sheet plan on every print run.

File imposition is fully configurable, allowing you to adjust ticks, gutters and flow with ease. Custom imposition modes can also be created by our dedicated development team, as and when necessary.

The system also gives you the power to intervene at any stage even once an order is in the print queue. Real-time edits to live orders can be made if mistakes are spotted by you or your customers. Adding yet more potential quality control points to the workflow.

Where quality management or proof reading is required you can achieve fine grained control by importing artwork files into Quark Xpress, using our custom application extension.

Where total automation is key Cognitu will send your print ready files to you, using our traffic management service.

With each and every piece of artwork received from the Cognitu system, you can rest assured that our flexible templating tools have locked down your customers’ corporate and brand guidelines. Everything including layout, text content, file versions, corporate colours and fonts, can be managed by our online system. Thereby allowing you to focus on producing orders efficiently and on time, rather than worrying about the details of maintaining your customers’ brand integrity.

To ensure the system caters for the widest range of products Cognitu supports a variety of colour models including CMYK, Pantone and Multi ink. Other production information can be embedded within files for spot UV, dye cutting and other post-press processes.

With such a broad array of tools it is vital that your staff understand how to gain the maximum benefit from them. With Cognitu’s training and support we make sure that each key member of your staff are given the confidence and ongoing help to drive your company forward.