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Key Benefits for IT & Support

Ease of Roll-out

Cognitu are with you every step of the way, during both the roll-out and use of the system. We ensure everything is set-up to your exact requirements and key staff are fully trained before going live.

To guarantee you success, when introducing the solution to your clients, we take an equally hands on approach. We help you with any implementation or support issues you may encounter during the process.

Total Control

An overview of the entire system can be accessed via secure login, allowing easy access to all areas of the software. This level of control can be given to key individuals requiring top level access, for administrative or support purposes.

Ease of Support

To minimise the level of support you need to provide your customers the Cognitu system is designed from the ground up to be as intuitive as possible. Our software is fully cross browser and platform compatible to eliminate most technical headaches associated with deploying new systems.

From a single login point each support user can quickly navigate through all system catalogues, enabling them to solve any customer enquires as efficiently as possible.

When providing support, you can easily switch between users, allowing you to place orders on their behalf or just see an issue through their eyes.

Cognitu's integrated messaging feature allows support or update messages to be broadcast to all or specific users throughout the system. This unique tool makes the dissemination of any information, from holiday period notifications to catalogue updates, incredibly simple.

Whether it's support for your own staff or 2nd line customer support, Cognitu is always a phone call away.
Highly Scalable

Cognitu's cloud computing infrastructure gives unprecedented scalability, with powerful servers at your disposal and bandwidth on demand.

Seamless Integration

Cognitu's development team have extensive experience in integration, guaranteeing that if your current MIS can talk to the web or import data, we can integrate with it.

Air-tight Security

From our system and hardware, through to our staff and procedures, at Cognitu we take security very seriously. All server maintainers have been checked with the Criminal Records Bureau to guarantee that your data is in safe hands.

All our servers are dual firewall protected to lock out even the most determined hackers.

To give you maximum control over what your own users can do or see, Cognitu provides a fine grained permissions system. Intuitive roles can be set up and rolled out across your user base.

Multiple Contingencies

Your data is protected via multiple secure backups:

  • RAID at the server level
  • Real-time database backups on a mirrored server
  • Off-site backup to a remote secure secondary hosting centre, via a gigabit link

To protect against external issues our data centres are environmentally controlled, with surge and UPS protection throughout.

Cost Effective

Using cloud computing we provide our robust and scalable solution at a highly competitive price. This ensures that you only pay for the resources you use.