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Solutions for Printers

Using Cognitu's on-line services enables the selling, supporting and fulfillment of all customer’s printing and communications needs quickly and cost effectively via the web. No matter what size of end customer, Cognitu has a solution to help the printer provide a secure and effective platform for receiving customer orders.

Our web2print technology ensures you have instant access to your customers orders, giving you files that are print ready every time.

Cognitu is a Hosted Solution, so there is no hardware investment to budget for. Plus we guarantee your system’s reliability, data and security whilst ensuring software updates are immediately available to you.

There is no limit to the number of users you can have. Cognitu will grow with your business as you gain more customers. Cognitu is future proof helping growth, not hindering it.

There is no limit to the number of orders you can handle through the system, therefore no bottlenecks, allowing you to give exceptional service to your clients.

With Cognitu, everything is web based, with permission based access from anywhere in the world. Built in password control and security means you can control access, ensuring only those with permission can gain access to specific areas and features. Cognitu incorporates a multi-level structure for users, so that customer’s corporate hierarchy is respected throughout every aspect of the system.

As a software and consultancy based company we can offer unprecedented levels of support, with all web2print systems and services being backed up by our dedicated and expert team.

Effective templates are created through years of experience, backed up by the most effective and comprehensive template technology, designed for ease of use and protection of corporate style.

With unparallelled flexibility and ease of use, your users can customise and order a vast array of product types via the web. With features like image upload, text checking and corporate guideline definitions, our system gives total creative freedom whilst maintaining your customers’ brand integrity.

Cognitu offers system Integration through XML, the industry standard for ‘talking’ to other systems. Ensuring that once you are online your workflow runs seamlessly.