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Key Benefits for Administration

Effective support of web2print is an important aspect of the service you provide your customers. That is why Cognitu is designed to help you to access the information you need quickly and without having to memorise access codes for every customer. Your customer’s needs are dynamic and ever changing. New users will need to be given access, just as new products and services will be added to their e-catalogue and ordering platform.

Carrying out these tasks with Cognitu is straight forward and efficient, working directly within the site to perform key tasks when needed. User management allows you to assign roles to individuals or groups of users. This governs what they can see and order, and whether or not they need authorisation. Managing budgets is controlled through the same easy to use interface with the option of individual or departmental budgets and can be quickly setup and applied to groups of users.

It is easy to find the information you need with intelligent search options and customisable reports. Cognitu provides a full audit from customer login through to your production and accounting systems. Every aspect of the order is captured from the content itself to the accompanying administrative data needed to fulfil the request.

Cognitu can send you an itemised report directly to your inbox detailing the transactions and orders placed so you always know exactly what is happening. Reports can be set up for one or many clients, over any time period and customised to give you the data you need.