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Key Benefits for Accounts

One important aspect of web2print that is not always considered is the data for billing and invoicing. If a system cannot provide accurate information to ensure that billing information is correct, detailed and relevant to the client, it fails to perform its role within the business.

The buying practices of companies vary enormously in terms of who can buy what, the authorisation they need and the specific data they must provide in terms cost codes or purchase order references. Clients will insist that you ensure that the purchasing procedures are kept to by your staff when using a web2print system.

This aspect is therefore a factor in winning new business as well as retaining existing clients. You must be able to present a flexible ordering system that will support the customer’s needs, or risk losing customers or potential prospects.
Through our experience in developing effective web2print services, Cognitu recognises that data capture and visibility is a critical component of any good web2print system.

We provide fully customisable data capture when orders are placed. Fields for cost codes, purchase order numbers and any other information can be captured with the order. This data is available through the site administration tools, and can be downloaded as a CSV for import into MIS systems or Excel for offline analysis.

Cognitu gives you total visibility over your operation, ensuring accurate billing whilst giving you instant access to help you manage your business effectively.