for consumer sites

Solutions for Consumer Sites

Cognitu works with companies who want to offer bespoke online ordering solutions to consumers. For any company wishing to offer consumers the means to design or customise products online, Cognitu provides the infrastructure to power these services.

Cognitu’s system supports products from photo gifts and bespoke items through to wide format posters and free standing graphics. Cognitu excels at providing a robust and user friendly workflow from order creation to production.

Our system allows you and your web designers to create standards compliant web sites with total creative freedom. Cognitu’s site engine then automatically converts your site into a fully dynamic e-commerce site on the fly.

The engine’s administration features give you fine grained control over your sites pricing, for bulk pricing, special offers and vouchers.

Credit card system integration and custom delivery methods make sure each and every order is captured and delivered correct and on time, every time.